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101 Things in 1001 Days

Dates: Jan 01, 2013 – Sep 29, 2015 Dec 20, 2012 – Sep 17, 2015
I changed the date so that it would end on my 29th birthday! =) Unfortunately this also means that I lost two weeks. Oo well!

Putting this up a few days early so I can admire the insanity I’m about to have!


  1. Read 50 books (10/50)
  2. Watch 25 of the top 250 movies on IMDB (0/25)
  3. Complete a book of Sudoku and date each puzzle when finished
  4. Buy a Nintendo DS
  5. See at least 6 movies within the 1st week of release (3/6)
  6. Solve a Rubiks Cube
  7. See a movie at the IMAX Theater
  8. Become decent at darts
  9. Fully complete a game that I buy for my xbox 360
  10. Listen to an entire Audiobook
  11. Attend a live concert
  12. Take a tour of a chocolate factory
  13. Participate in NaBloPoMo November 2013!
  14. Read 10 books off of the “1001 must read” list (0/10)
  15. Have 5 board game nights (1/5)
  16. Host a Harry Potter marathon party
  17. Play mini-golf
  18. Go ice-skating
  19. Reread the Harry Potter series
  20. Play one family on the Sims 3 through at least 10 generations
  21. Re-up my “Tour of Duty” on Gears of War 3
  22. Re-up for the second time!
  23. Complete the 5000 Question Survey
  24. Find 10 geocaches (0/10)


  1. Save a dollar for every task accomplished
  2. Fill up money box with spare change
  3. Take all my spare change to the bank
  4. Get a piggy bank
  5. Put more money into my APCU account
  6. Have 500 dollars in the bank by end date
  7. Save $1001 $1 coins in a Jar (0/1001)


  1. Drink only water for 2 weeks (0/14)
  2. Take a multivitamin every day for 30 days (0/30)
  3. Walk a mile a day for a week (0/7)
  4. Lose 10 lbs
  5. Lose 20 lbs
  6. Lose 30 lbs
  7. Lose 40 lbs
  8. Lose 50 lbs
  9. Have a gap between my thighs!
  10. Try one yoga class (to see if I like it)
  11. Go snorkeling
  12. Eat 3 servings of fruit a week (minimum) for 3 months (0/12)
  13. Ride a jetski/waverunner
  14. Get health insurance

For Others

  1. Donate 100,000 grains on the Free Rice Challenge (4,900/100,000)
  2. Volunteer for 101 hours (39.57/101)
  3. Take my mom on a spa day, just because
  4. Take my dad on a fishing trip, just because  😥
  5. Go to a drive-thru and pay for the meal/coffee of the person behind me
  6. Go on a road trip to visit a friend

For Me

  1. Take pictures in a photo booth at the mall
  2. Get a passport
  3. Get a wax of some sort
  4. Gamble at a casino
  5. Take a picture of just myself or myself with others (every day for a year: 365/365 days)
  6. Visit a B&B
  7. Get a job
  8. Get two tattoos (0/2)
  9. Visit at least two new states. (0/2)
  10. Kiss in the rain
  11. Try one new recipe
  12. Get my cartilage pierced like I want it
  13. Try 5 new flavors of alcohol (small bottled ones behind the counters) (1/5)
  14. Go one day with absolutely no computer time!
  15. Buy a charm bracelet
  16. Delete my (original) Myspace profile
  17. Spend a day exploring the City
  18. Spend a whole day in my PJs
  19. Get a passport and use it at least once
  20. Adopt a dog or foster one
  21. Get my own place
  22. Write the story of my life by writing unsent letters to people in my past
  23. Spend a day in silence
  24. Document a day with photos
  25. Take a cruise
  26. Take a photo everyday for 31 days (0/31)


  1. Do a cross-stitching project and finish it (0/1)
  2. Colour a whole colouring book
  3. Complete a photo challenge on Google+
  4. Create a Perler bead montage
  5. Paint a Blue World painting


  1. Take photos to commemorate as many completed items as possible
  2. Use rechargeable batteries
  3. Watch the sun rise 10 times (0/10)
  4. Start a garden…even if just one plant in a bucket
  5. Plant a tree
  6. Swim with dolphins or sharks
  7. Stop buying bottled water and use something more environmentally friendly


  1. Get my AA Degree
  2. Get into the Vet Tech program at HCC
  3. Get my AS Degree
  4. Have a straight-A semester
  5. Explore more of Florida
  6. List 25 accomplishments at the end
  7. Learn and perfect 3 new ways to wear my hair (0/3)
  8. Try five new cookie recipes (0/5)
  9. Bake something from scratch!
  10. Get my GPA above 3.0 and preferably to 3.5
  11. Name, tag and arrange all of my photos on my computer and external harddrive
  12. Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over

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