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Nothing to do with 1001 Days

I wanted to write a blog post today that has nothing to do with 101 things in 1001 days.

I want to reflect on what has happened for this year so far. I got a new job at SPCA Florida that I love with all my heart. I get to work with amazing people, doing amazing things, and going to work knowing that I’m making a difference. I know I’ve had a couple really rough cases where sometimes pets didn’t make it, but I’ve also had some really good days with really good animals. I’ve learned a lot and a lot of on the job training, and I’ve found that I’m really really good at blood draws which sounds like I’m vampire but I’m really not I promise. I do have to work on restraining some of the smaller dogs, like chihuahuas and yorkies, because I’m always afraid of them biting me or scratching the you know what out of my arm with their demon claws. (Side note: not all chihuahuas or yorkies are that bad, but most have been in my experience)

Mom is in the process of moving now. Soon the house I’ve grown up in and call Home will be sold and most likely torn down to build a two story cookie cutter house. I still haven’t really accepted this as happening even though I help with every chance that I get. Parts of me wish that I could move up there with her, if for no other reason to be closer to her since I am such a homebody. It would also be nice to be able to visit my dad’s grave more. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him or think of him.

Recent circumstances have come up at the place that I’m staying at now. My cousin’s girlfriend will soon be moving in and I think it’s about time that I move out and find my own place. I have nothing against her, I just don’t want to get in the way. At this point I’ve already decided that I probably won’t go back to HCC so there’s no point in staying there. I earned an AA degree so theoretically I could just go on and get a bachelor’s degree, but then I wouldn’t know what to get at this point. Suggestions are always welcome! But back to finding a place of my own, I’ve found a quaint little two bedroom apartment that’s ironically affordable! It’s one of those places that depends on how much you make, but surprisingly that’s not an issue for me. They allow pets too which is good. I don’t have any as of yet, but I keep looking for places that allow them just in case! I miss having a dog so much! I would also feel loads better having a pet while living alone.

Last but not least, I’ve recently had some health issues arise that are pretty serious. I got injured at work while restraining a German Shepherd and I pulled a muscle in my lower back and was out of work for a little over a week. Well, I started having high blood pressure when I went in to the doctor’s office. I waited awhile before going to get it checked out, and when I finally did I was told to go to the emergency room! That rose my blood pressure itself! I was given some meds to take daily to help lower it from the ER doctor, but I still need to follow up with a regular doctor. Hopefully I’ll be able to find one soon, but without health insurance I’m afraid I’ll owe a fortune just going to see somebody.


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