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Post hurricane beach trip

When you live in Florida, sometimes you forget to be grateful about staying at the beach. Growing up my mom bought a condo and we would go every year as a family, even bring both of my grandmothers along as well. I know this complex like the back of my hand basically. 

Today, while driving over, I could barely contain the tears from falling. Before even getting close to the beach there were trees and limbs lining the road, and the closer I got the more damage I saw. Signs torn apart, shingles missing from roofs, gutters littered with even more fallen foliage. 

My home away from home was hurting and I had no idea! I’ve been told though that many improvements have happened, but the outside pool and bar is closed to this day. I know this sounds like #firstworldproblems and probably entitled brat whining, but I spent a week every year here and have hundreds of happy memories! 

The beach and the locals are still in great spirits thankfully. ❤


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