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Some Beach Somewhere

I don’t consider myself much of a religious person, in fact I’m probably as anti organized religion as I can get. With that being said when I step into water I feel as though I’ve stepped into a sort of heaven. There’s no wrong that can happen, every care in the world is lifted from my shoulders and I feel free. 

I can absolutely relate to the growing trend of wanting to be a mermaid every time I go to the beach. When I took my first cruise a few years ago I was so elated and spent hours out on the balcony just watching the waves and rocking with the ship. My mom on the other hand was trying to keep her mind off of the rocking at the time. 

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s a Floridian thing. I’d fully accept the fact that I was actually born a mermaid and was sent to live on land for some unknown reason (ok let’s be honest, punishment isn’t out of the question) for the rest of my days. 

Unfortunately for myself I am currently back home and far from my native waves. Until next month that is!


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