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Thank you Red Lobster!

So after having a really rough day, physically and emotionally, I didn’t know what to do for the evening. Mom decided we should go out to dinner at the local restaurant and have a nice meal together, so we did. 

I still have my mail sent to her house since we’re only a mile away from each other and my mailbox usually has 8 legged creatures all around it. So she brought my mail and some blank Christmas cards she got today as well, but being that it was crazy dark I didn’t bother opening the letter right away. 

When we pulled into the parking lot we were right underneath a lamp post and I could read that the letter was from Red Lobster. I thought, ‘hey! maybe they sent me some coupons!’ since I had joined their club thing the last time I went. Lo and behold there was a check for $50 and a letter congratulating me for winning the drawing for posting about my experience! I certainly was not expecting that!

Even on bad days there is always a silver lining. 😁❤


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