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I might crumble…

I might take a fall again…

I’m not sure if anyone else gets these feelings, but music takes me to places or soothes aches in my psyche. 

For example, I decided to watch The Queen on Netflix because I’ve heard rave reviews. I didn’t know her father died in the second episode (spoiler, but is it really?) 

I lost my dad almost 3 years ago. To this day I still have the ugly cries and extreme lows of empathy when anyone loses their dad. I had to stop playing a video game because I couldn’t save a side character’s father, and that’s how it’s written into the story!

All this is simply to ask if music helps anyone else. I listen to certain cds and am instantly transported to happier times or simpler times as it were. Tonight, that cd is Foiled by Blue October. I don’t know why but the singer’s voice is incredibly soothing, the melodies are hypnotizing, and I just let go of everything. 

I wonder if anyone else has similar tendencies?


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