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Confession time

Hi! My name is Heather and I’m a proud gun owner. Also, gamer. Also, STRONGLY against declawing a cat. 

None of which is really all that important, except for maybe the poor cat’s toes. However, these are what make me different from you. These are also only 3 things that make me who I am, and yet I don’t define myself by just any one of them. 

Insert lyric about not being a player, just crushing a lot. 

So to list off 7 more things that while I might share with someone else, my unique cocktail is what makes ME special and vice versa. 

4. I’m extremely self deprecating.

5. I spend more time on Pinterest than I probably should. 

6. I’m incredibly lazy, but willing to do just about anything at any point. Focusing isn’t my strong suit.

7. I can quote verbatim way too many Disney movies. 

8. I collect shot glasses from places I’ve been. 

9. Lyrics stick in my head better than anything I’ve ever learned. 

10. I’m deathly afraid of spiders. As in, one of us is going to die and it won’t be me! It’s usually a can of lysol followed by the vacuum cleaner. 

That’s my randomness for today!