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Turtles can fly!

In January I have a trip planned to go to San Antonio, Texas for a gaming convention called PAX South. I’ve never been to this convention before, but this is the second time I’m going on an “adult trip” by myself. 

What, pray tell, is an adult trip you might ask? An adult trip is any form of travel that I take by myself, pay for myself, and that has a minimum of 2 nights away. 

My first adult trip was going to Philly for my ldbff’s wedding. (Long Distance Best Friend Forever, he made it up and I love it!) 

I’m still amazed that I’m old enough to travel alone, and have been for several years to be honest. Not quite Peter Pan syndrome, just a general awe that I don’t think about. 

Wanderlust sets in with me, which is why I find it hard to commit to year long leases. Why I haven’t held long standing jobs, although lately I’ve done better with my last job at 1.5 years! A milestone for me really. 

Sometimes I think my head prefers the clouds instead of the ground I’m standing on. 

On another note, I’m terribly afraid of flying! I have panic attacks every time. 😔


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