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DST, which I think stands for Dang Stupid Timer or something like that, is here. I’m not a fan of it but cuddling in bed longer was very nice this morning!

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Xmas shopping

Today we decided to go visit the boyfriend’s family and spend time with them. It was magical and I had so much fun! I love that his sister in law and I have the same name as well. 

That being said, I usually loathe Christmas shopping. I’m not a big fan of the holiday since I lost both my grandma and my dad on Christmas. Today however I actually had fun! Getting to spend time bonding with his family was so nice! I’ve never experienced doing something like that and I loved it!

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Utter cop out 

I can’t think of anything to write about after the day I’ve had at work, so I attempted to answer some questions!

Random questions to ask a girl list part 1!

What word do you always misspell?
I usually have trouble remembering how to spell drug names at work.

Would you enjoy a vacation away from all of your technology?
YES!!! A thousand times yes!

What is the ugliest vegetable?
Broccoli. Although that may only be because I detest it.

What product would you seriously stockpile if you found out they weren’t going to sell it anymore?
I honestly can’t think of anything that I would ever want that badly.

What is the absolute worst movie you have ever seen?
Pretty much anything will Will Ferrell in it. I just don’t find him funny.

What food do you crave most often?
Lately it has been bbq chicken, especially if it’s from Sonny’s.

What is the grossest sounding English word?
I can’t think of anything. Fork is definitely a weird word to me but it’s not gross.

What silliest thing you get nostalgic for?
Canadian water

When is lying the right thing to do?
When it spares a loved one’s feelings

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Today is a milestone achievement! We FINALLY got internet in the house after living here a month now, which will totally save my phone data plan. I almost capped out last month which would not have been good. 

Internet was also the highlight of my day. Work was hard, having three doctors and only two technicians. We recruited receptionists to help or else nothing would’ve gotten done. Did I also mention that our surgeries were overbooked? And we had an emergency c-section come in while I was on lunch? Took time from lunch to catch puppies and help bring them around. Thankfully tomorrow is Friday! #relieved

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Day 1

Today is the day! The yearly tradition that is NanoPoblano that is. Many things have changed since I participated last year, and sadly I have been very remiss on blogging throughout the rest of the year. To recap, and I shall use bullets because of reasons!

  • I celebrated 1 year at my vet clinic!
  • I went to NAVC in Orlando!
  • I got to see Darius Rucker in concert (he’s FANTASTIC by the way!)
  • I won a standing paddle board and have never used it
  • I joined a gym
  • I quit going to the gym
  • I spent a week in Disney’s Animal Kingdom resort!
  • I met an amazing man and plan to spend the rest of my life with him
  • I moved in with my boyfriend
  • I moved closer to work as well
  • I miss living on the river
  • I’ve never gotten help for my love of bullets

That about sums up most of my time. I didn’t really do much beyond working and spending time with family and my love. 

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Reindeer for day 7!

Today was absolutely crazy!

1) I was the only technician this morning at work. 

2) I have so many cuts and scratches from this week is ridiculous. 

3) I don’t know what to do about this guy. 

4) I’ve been going stir crazy at home, so I decided to go out. 

5) Team I was on won 2nd place at trivia tonight!

So, that being said, I did not get to draw anything tonight. Tomorrow will have both. 😄

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I haven’t had a fondness for Christmas for several years now. But, back when I was little, I absolutely adored the round glass ornaments and specifically ones that were broken like the one I drew. 

I have no idea why but I have. 

Since this drawing really stinks (lack of experience in decorating trees) I figured I’d feature my current Christmas tree!

I asked one of my cousins to cut it from a pallet and man did he do a fantastic job! I absolutely love it!!