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Multiple updates

4. Buy a Nintendo DS 

I had to of course buy a Pokemon game because why else would you want a handheld?! lol

13. Participate in NaBloPoMo

42. Go snorkeling

49. Take my dad on a fishing trip, just because (Have to cancel since my dad passed away before I got a chance to take him) 😥

58. Get a job 

It’s not much, but I work at the bookstore on campus. Get enough money to pay for gas at least!

86. Start a garden…even if just one plant in a bucket 

School held an Earth Day event and I made these two little guys =)

90. Get my AA Degree 

I’m so excited! I’m more happy that my Dad got to see this before he passed away though. He was elated!


These have been permanently stricken from the record books! haha