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I haven’t had a fondness for Christmas for several years now. But, back when I was little, I absolutely adored the round glass ornaments and specifically ones that were broken like the one I drew. 

I have no idea why but I have. 

Since this drawing really stinks (lack of experience in decorating trees) I figured I’d feature my current Christmas tree!

I asked one of my cousins to cut it from a pallet and man did he do a fantastic job! I absolutely love it!!

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Day 5

There are many GREAT Christmas movies out there, but only 1 that has melded my favorite holiday into it as well. 

My second favorite, if you’re even remotely interested, is The Holiday because it has the best actors and wonderful intertwined stories. 

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Yesterday I had an unexpected but greatly appreciated guest in the evening, and chose to spend time with him instead of drawing. 

I believe the phrase Life Happens comes into play here. 

So, without further adieu, here are my day 3 and 4 drawings!

My mom’s favorite flower this time of year, the lovely poinsettia.

Please enjoy the Floridian version of a snowman. I’ve never seen one in person, nor have I even seen snow. 

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I truly can’t draw haha!

Well, I figured I’d join in on another daily blogging adventure this month! I can’t really draw but why not stretch myself?

Who knows? Maybe I’ll surprise myself!

Or not.

Anyways, here’s day 1! Myself in a Christmas jumper. I still have no idea what a jumper is so I drew myself in a Christmas sweater. ๐Ÿ™‚

And of course, I used one of the free sticky pads from work courtesy of our blood running machines!

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I debated posting about my day over things like pictures or lists, but today was weird so here goes. 

I’m a veterinary technician. I went to school to get certified, but was unable to compete the program so I started working without certification. No big deal in animal medicine. 

I was trained in the AAHA standards, which are what we strive to achieve in our practices. 

Which also NEVER prepared me for real world medicine. 

I was not shown how to hold 3 day old puppies for restraint while they get their tails docked, or dewclaws removed. Those procedures were elective and unnecessary.

I learned that today. While I have no moral or ethical rejections to either procedures, I found them distasteful. Would I do it again? If I needed to I would. I was proud that I amazed my doctor afterwards! He commended me for not fainting which is apparently what he’s used to with technicians on their first attempts. 

The second interesting case that came in was a pair of hound dogs that had been out boar hunting and got too close. Lacerations and puncture wounds abound!

Normally when I’m at work I have to wear a sleeve to cover my tattoos, but this time I removed it because I was literally getting covered in blood. 

Thankfully both dogs should be ok after getting stitched back up. They were super sweet!

While my coworkers were disgusted that these dogs were being used to flush out dangerous boar, I grew up around that and don’t really see the problem. They called the hunters cowards for using dogs to flush out the hogs, then blanched when I said there was no difference between what these dogs do and what bird dogs do. 

We disagreed. I agreed that we’d probably never agree with that statement. 

That was my day today. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Christmas shopping


It’s no secret that I have no use for my sister’s husband.

I don’t sugar coat anything either, so trying to find something to get him for Christmas is always hard.

This year, I think I’ll get him the Home Depot gift card staple and add a little airplane bottle of whiskey.

Just my way of saying bless your heart to him. ๐Ÿ™‚