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Bad Day

This picture sums up exactly what I’m unable to express right now. 

First of all I’ll start by saying that I love my job. It’s wild and crazy and every day is something different while simultaneously being the same. That said, I work with a majority of females. I find it extremely difficult at times to keep up with the emotional shifts that they have, plus the clique atmosphere. I’ve never been really good with dealing with that. 

So today started out incredibly somber after I found out that an emergency surgery that we performed at the end of the day yesterday did not survive the night. Long story short, the dog had a raging uterine infection called a pyometra. The condition is literally life or death, with surgery being the only option. She was immediately prepped and went home afterwards since we are not open and it would be best if eyes were on her. 

That was bad enough, but then stress happens and several ‘last visits’ came in as well. My question, nay my curiosity, is why can’t we all come together? It’s just something that I’ll never probably understand, but that I would love to know.