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Happy New Year!

It’s the beginning of a new year and all through the house…

Wait, that might be a little off. It’s whatever. Today has been extremely relaxing, and a blessing to be off from work in this cold. I had decided last month that I was going to do a bullet journal but I found out about these habit journals and they sounded so much more fun to me!

I spent a couple hours brainstorming and tracing what I wanted to put in, which is probably one of the rare times that my Virgo side comes out. I’m not in any way finished with these pages, but I have started them. I decided to do the daily mood chart because I’m curious as to what it will look like, but I don’t fluctuate that badly with my moods so it’s pretty basic. It will at least be colorful!

Then I just picked a few random things to track for the next month. I feel like these will probably change monthly so I didn’t want to focus on just these all year long. Maybe that’s not what you’re supposed to do, but it makes sense in my head. Besides, why should I only track these 16/17 things all year?

I also have a water drinking track and a period tracker. I haven’t gotten them traced out yet but they have their own pages set aside. So really, I will have those pages soon as they are not physically there yet.

I hope this goes well! I’ll try to post more about it as it progresses, but for now I have my fingers crossed that I don’t forget about it. Maybe I should add a “write to blog” category in there. That might work!