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I debated posting about my day over things like pictures or lists, but today was weird so here goes. 

I’m a veterinary technician. I went to school to get certified, but was unable to compete the program so I started working without certification. No big deal in animal medicine. 

I was trained in the AAHA standards, which are what we strive to achieve in our practices. 

Which also NEVER prepared me for real world medicine. 

I was not shown how to hold 3 day old puppies for restraint while they get their tails docked, or dewclaws removed. Those procedures were elective and unnecessary.

I learned that today. While I have no moral or ethical rejections to either procedures, I found them distasteful. Would I do it again? If I needed to I would. I was proud that I amazed my doctor afterwards! He commended me for not fainting which is apparently what he’s used to with technicians on their first attempts. 

The second interesting case that came in was a pair of hound dogs that had been out boar hunting and got too close. Lacerations and puncture wounds abound!

Normally when I’m at work I have to wear a sleeve to cover my tattoos, but this time I removed it because I was literally getting covered in blood. 

Thankfully both dogs should be ok after getting stitched back up. They were super sweet!

While my coworkers were disgusted that these dogs were being used to flush out dangerous boar, I grew up around that and don’t really see the problem. They called the hunters cowards for using dogs to flush out the hogs, then blanched when I said there was no difference between what these dogs do and what bird dogs do. 

We disagreed. I agreed that we’d probably never agree with that statement. 

That was my day today. 🙂

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Christmas shopping


It’s no secret that I have no use for my sister’s husband.

I don’t sugar coat anything either, so trying to find something to get him for Christmas is always hard.

This year, I think I’ll get him the Home Depot gift card staple and add a little airplane bottle of whiskey.

Just my way of saying bless your heart to him. 🙂

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Gilmore Girls 

4 episodes.

90 minutes each. 

I laughed, I cried. In the end, I found myself wanting. 

Wanting more. Perhaps even just better understanding…

I’ve been a fan of this show for the past 10 years, maybe more. I will re-watch the entire series from season 1 to season 7 happily and with popcorn, but these 4 episodes left me with more questions and some very heartfelt closures. I loved every tribute to Richard Gilmore! I cried a lot watching those. 

Now the biggest question remains, was it the wookie or Logan??

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Vet Tech Life

It was inevitable. 

Anyone who knows a veterinary technician can attest to this.

We love to share! The grosser the better honestly! 

While it’s not exactly a blood filled sebaceous cyst or tooth root abscess gone awry, I happen to find this pus filled ear incredibly satisfying. Every view gave a wave of neutrophils too pretty and unique to not admire, plus an insane amount of bacteria that was tamed in this viewing by clumps. 

Thankfully, this poor baby came to our clinic for a second opinion and better medications and treatment protocols. 

It truly is the little things in life that I enjoy!

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Confession time

Hi! My name is Heather and I’m a proud gun owner. Also, gamer. Also, STRONGLY against declawing a cat. 

None of which is really all that important, except for maybe the poor cat’s toes. However, these are what make me different from you. These are also only 3 things that make me who I am, and yet I don’t define myself by just any one of them. 

Insert lyric about not being a player, just crushing a lot. 

So to list off 7 more things that while I might share with someone else, my unique cocktail is what makes ME special and vice versa. 

4. I’m extremely self deprecating.

5. I spend more time on Pinterest than I probably should. 

6. I’m incredibly lazy, but willing to do just about anything at any point. Focusing isn’t my strong suit.

7. I can quote verbatim way too many Disney movies. 

8. I collect shot glasses from places I’ve been. 

9. Lyrics stick in my head better than anything I’ve ever learned. 

10. I’m deathly afraid of spiders. As in, one of us is going to die and it won’t be me! It’s usually a can of lysol followed by the vacuum cleaner. 

That’s my randomness for today!

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Nerd Alert!

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I’m a little bit of a gaming nerd. That being said, I’m finding it very hard to not get dressed again and drive to GameStop for the midnight release of the new Pokémon games!!

I got the call today at work about the launch party, and if it weren’t a week day I probably would have gone just because. 

I pre-ordered Moon already and it’s already paid for, so on my lunch break I’ll be starting my next journey to be the very best. I already know which starter Pokémon I plan to choose, because I’ve never started a game without the water Pokémon. 

I seriously can’t wait for tomorrow!!

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I might crumble…

I might take a fall again…

I’m not sure if anyone else gets these feelings, but music takes me to places or soothes aches in my psyche. 

For example, I decided to watch The Queen on Netflix because I’ve heard rave reviews. I didn’t know her father died in the second episode (spoiler, but is it really?) 

I lost my dad almost 3 years ago. To this day I still have the ugly cries and extreme lows of empathy when anyone loses their dad. I had to stop playing a video game because I couldn’t save a side character’s father, and that’s how it’s written into the story!

All this is simply to ask if music helps anyone else. I listen to certain cds and am instantly transported to happier times or simpler times as it were. Tonight, that cd is Foiled by Blue October. I don’t know why but the singer’s voice is incredibly soothing, the melodies are hypnotizing, and I just let go of everything. 

I wonder if anyone else has similar tendencies?