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Happy New Year!

It’s the beginning of a new year and all through the house…

Wait, that might be a little off. It’s whatever. Today has been extremely relaxing, and a blessing to be off from work in this cold. I had decided last month that I was going to do a bullet journal but I found out about these habit journals and they sounded so much more fun to me!

I spent a couple hours brainstorming and tracing what I wanted to put in, which is probably one of the rare times that my Virgo side comes out. I’m not in any way finished with these pages, but I have started them. I decided to do the daily mood chart because I’m curious as to what it will look like, but I don’t fluctuate that badly with my moods so it’s pretty basic. It will at least be colorful!

Then I just picked a few random things to track for the next month. I feel like these will probably change monthly so I didn’t want to focus on just these all year long. Maybe that’s not what you’re supposed to do, but it makes sense in my head. Besides, why should I only track these 16/17 things all year?

I also have a water drinking track and a period tracker. I haven’t gotten them traced out yet but they have their own pages set aside. So really, I will have those pages soon as they are not physically there yet.

I hope this goes well! I’ll try to post more about it as it progresses, but for now I have my fingers crossed that I don’t forget about it. Maybe I should add a “write to blog” category in there. That might work!

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There are no truer words than this picture. Between my personal babies and work babies I’m constantly telling them that food will come in an hour, and I’m not the one who changed it. 

My work baby Sookie has absolutely no love for DST. She’s too much of a foodie!

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Bullet journal

I want to start doing a bullet journal. 

I see all these inspirations on Pinterest and it makes me feel like I could totally do it! Like, it might be my goal for December to make it up to use for next year! There are so many things you can add to it!

  • Saving money tracker
  • Weight loss tracker
  • Shark week tracker 

The list could go on and on! What else would be a good thing to add? I’m open to all kinds of suggestions. I might even do like weekly updates and such come next year. 

I’m SUPER excited to try this!

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Earlier this evening, after dinner but before going to bed, one of my beloved furbabies decided to play hide and seek. Normally they both come when they’re called which was kind of weird but not completely unheard of from her. 

With the recent moving and leaving the door wide open, I chose to put my cat Twilight inside the dog kennel so that she wouldn’t try to run out. 

Which of course led to her getting treats. 

Which then leads to her thinking that if she’s in the kennel she will get more treats. 

Which led to this evening. 

She will do ANYTHING for food. 

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Stranger Things

It has finally happened. I have started season 1 of Stranger Things tonight so that we can watch season 2 soon. 

Yes I love it. 

Yes I watched the first 4 episodes back to back. 

Yes I plan to finish it tomorrow. 

If you haven’t seen this show then I highly recommend it! I finally understand all the hype and can’t wait to see the next episodes. 

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I have a confession to make. It has been a long time since I’ve gotten any ink. Not years mind you but months, and I can handle it no longer!

I’ve started working on a piece that will hopefully intertwine my favorite Disney characters. My first piece was Simba as he was drawn by Rafiki on the tree. The second piece added was Flit from Pocahontas which was connected by falling leaves. I want to say that my next piece will probably be Sebastian and maybe I’ll have him wrapped in bubbles to try and connect him in. 

Time to save up again!

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I have completely failed the whole concept of blogging every day this month. Work stress, life stress…I hadn’t even realized that today was even Thursday! So sad but hopefully things will calm down soon. 

I may think about blogging and posting on scheduled times to see if maybe that will help. I hear schedules are a good thing right?